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Slaughterville Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Slaughterville Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Golf carts are convenient vehicles in many settings. Golf cart manufacturers and retailers make substantial profits selling these small vehicles to golf courses, of course, but also to people in smaller communities, especially retirement communities. Using a golf cart to get around a gated neighborhood can be more economical than constantly driving a car, and using a golf cart to get around a golf course can be much more enjoyable than walking on a hot Slaughterville day.

However, many people fail to consider the possibility of a golf cart accident. In reality, golf carts crash on a regular basis, and these accidents can result in injuries to golf cart passengers as well as pedestrians. Like any type of car accident, golf carts can cause serious injuries when they crash, and injured victims should know their legal rights.

Oklahoma law gives accident victims the right to hold negligent parties liable for their medical bills and other losses. You should always discuss the possibility of compensation with an experienced Slaughterville golf cart attorney. At Wandres Law, PC, we help clients injured in a wide variety of accidents, including golf cart crashes. Contact our office to discuss whether you might have a case today.

Causes of Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts can crash for many reasons, many of which involve driver errors. The following can result in a serious golf cart accident:

  1. Drunk driving, especially since many people drink alcohol during golf outings
  2. Distracted driving
  3. Young and unlicensed drivers
  4. Hitting a curb or otherwise departing from the road or path
  5. Driving too fast
  6. Driving a golf cart on the road with larger motor vehicles

While driver error is a common reason behind golf cart crashes, other parties may also be responsible for an accident and crashes. Such parties include companies that manufacture or sell defective golf carts, golf courses that rent out improperly maintained golf carts, other drivers, and more.

Injuries from Golf Cart Accidents

While you may not consider a golf cart crash to be a particularly dangerous event, people involved can sustain surprisingly serious injuries. Most golf cart drivers and passengers do not wear seat belts, and most carts do not have airbags either. Because of the open nature of most golf carts, people can easily fall out of a cart when it crashes. Golf carts can roll over on their sides very easily, as well, causing people to crash to the ground, often falling on top of one another. Pedestrians can also suffer multiple traumatic injuries if a golf cart collides with them.

Some common injuries our law firm sees include:

  1. Broken bones
  2. Sprains, strains, and soft tissue tears
  3. Concussions and moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  4. Spinal injuries
  5. Fractured hips
  6. Dislocations

These injuries all require medical treatment as soon as possible after a crash occurs. If you are in a golf cart crash, you should always go to the emergency room or your doctor’s office right away. Getting a fast diagnosis can ensure that you begin receiving the treatment you need, and it can prevent complications. Having prompt medical records can also help with an insurance claim.

Recovering for Your Losses

Treatment for serious injuries can be costly, and victims may have to miss work or refrain from their usual activities for some time. While physical recovery should be your priority, you should also consider your rights to financial recovery. Our firm regularly helps injury victims recover for many losses, including the following:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Future medical expenses
  3. Lost earnings
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Loss of enjoyment of life
  6. Permanent injuries

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There are many questions in a golf cart accident claim, including who is liable? Which insurance policy should cover your losses? Did you sign a liability waiver when you rented a golf cart? At Wandres Law, PC, we regularly address complex legal questions to ensure our clients receive the full compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a crash, do not wait to call contact us online for more information about how a golf cart accident attorney in Slaughterville can help you.